After graduating in environmental geography, I decided to pursue a career in carpentry. The opportunity to live from my first passion which is the work of the material, and particularly the wood.

I was then trained at the Nautical Construction Workshops of Rochefort-sur-Mer, France, following which I was heading towards carpentry and joinery for wooden homes in the Alps, near Chambéry, France.

While creating my first wooden and metal furniture projects, I then worked for three years at the Model Workshop of the Montpellier School of Architecture, as a technical assistant to students. Wood, metal, concrete, plaster are as many of materials that I learned to shape, manually and digitally.

Today, for my creations, I take advantage of these contributions of knowledge, and practice in a complementary way each of the acquired know-how, manufacturing processes and experienced materials.

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My second passion is related to design work using 2D drawing and 3D modeling softwares. The School of Architecture in Montpellier was a place I was able to learn about it, especially with drawing software such as Autocad, Illustrator, Sketchup Pro, and Rhino 3D.

This tool has been revealing for me, both in terms of designing my own projects and in terms of professional skills. So much so that I have integrated it into each of my furniture projects. The software design, 2D or 3D, allows to visualize the project before the manufacturing process, and therefore to reduce possible errors by proposing a more or less realistic visual.

But above all, I was able to link this new practice to the use of new manufacturing tools such as the digital milling machine and laser cutting. Tools that I am increasingly integrating into my manufacturing process.

Finally, I recently opened up to parametric design, which allows me to simulate and modify the furniture project in an interactive way, according to the variables corresponding to the dimensions of the object (height, width, thickness, inclination,. . . ). A simplified way to understand the range of furniture and small series.

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