Videomapping of a parametric plant onto a stone wall.

For this project, I wanted to connect digital 3D design tools with shapes that can be observed in nature.

Climatic variables such as sunshine, brightness, ambient humidity, are all criteria that influence the shape and size of the plant.

Thus, with the help of Rhino3D and Grasshopper software it was possible to set up some variables related to the shapes of this plant:
- rod height
- plant width
- foliage scale
- number of sheets
- number of seeds

But if Grasshopper's visual interface seemed intuitive to me, it seemed essential to me to make the user want to interact even more with this parametric aspect of shapes.

The most appropriate solution was to create a control panel that would include a number of buttons and potentiometers through which the user could directly modify the plant parameters and whose shape would change at the same time.

Arduino technology allows this necessary translation between Grasshopper's visual programming language and the control panel that is the desk and its physical buttons.

The modeling, in front view, was then projected onto the facade of the stone house. In this way, the user leaves the computer interface (screen and computer keyboard) and can interact intuitively with the plant modeling.

This project is an opportunity to raise user awareness of the handling of shapes through interactive media. And they popularize the computer world of programming and design that is software and computer tools

Materials :
Plywood 4mm ; welding equipment ; Arduino card.

Softwares :
Rhinoceros3D ; Grasshopper ; Arduino ; VLC.

Design : Pascal Allègre.
Realization : Laborigami, Maxime Thiebault et Pascal Allègre.
Photo credits : Artisan Numérique & Pascal Allègre.