3D modeling

The 3D modeling of a project is based on plans or data (dimensions, materials, product references). It allows to obtain a more or less realistic volume viusel of the object to be obtained after machining, manufacturing and assembly.

Thus the 3D object can be of various natures: it can be required, as a file for the machining of technical parts (laser cutting, water jet cutting, folding,. . . ).

But the 3D volume is also very useful, for both the craftsman and the customer, in order to have a preview of the project before manufacturing and production. It allows to reduce errors related to shape and dimensions that are sometimes difficult to grasp via the single 2D plan.

modelisation 3D lampe diapositives visuel rhinoceros

Parametric design

Designing a project according to variables can be very beneficial to the project. That's why I trained myself in parametric design tools, especially via the Rhinoceros 3D plug-in, Grasshopper.

The parametric design allows a more scalable modeling of the project. For the craftsman, it is a question of approaching the furniture range in a completely different way. The simulation of shapes through the manipulation of these variables leads the user to design his range in a progressive way. The different elements of the range in question can be "set" at values that the user perceives as good for the project.

To learn more about how to approach parametric design in furniture making, please consult my project Modeling Controller.

design parametrique grasshopper

Pattern creation

As a designer, I offer the craftsman a service to create patterns useful for any decorative element, inside or outside, whatever the material to be worked on. Wood or metal joinery, but also stencils, adhesives, are as many possible supports to the pattern.

The design software I use allows me to create vector drawings. In other words, the created pattern can be used for possible machining: digital milling machine, water jet cutting, laser cutting, vinyl cutting...

In my creative process, I am inspired by elements that the craftsman or the customer himself can provide me, drawings, sketches, photos. But creation can largely be considered following a simple exchange of ideas, concepts and references.

motif city cracow krakow

Technical plans

If I like the idea of creating without many constraints, I also like to draw in order to realize technical works, complex in their assembly and implementation.

This is why I offer my design services to the craftsman in order to provide him technical documents essential to the manufacturing phase: 2D drawings, sections, flow sheets.

My knowledge of materials and techniques, particularly in the wood and metal trades, makes it easier for me to carry out this design work, for which the designer must be aware of craft practices.

logiciel autocad

Software training

Whatever your level, whatever your learning ambitions, I can help you to discover software design, or to improve your skills in this practice. The program will be targeted according to your project, your manufacturing and assembly process habits.

Design softwares :

Rhinocéros 3D
Suite Adobe : Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign
Sketchup Pro

logiciel rhinoceros 3D